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See you at “Snežana"

Every big city has its lighthouses that keep its secrets, light and fire. Time passes by, but they remain. This is how "Snežana" guards Belgrade. Snežana - a place that rests on centuries-long stories, numerous people and civilizations - lies not far from the confluence of two rivers, at the intersection of the two largest and oldest streets in the city. Since 1958 at Snežana’s tables great loves have begun, important deals have been
made, numerous sketches, portraits landscapes were drawn...Returning every day to their favorite table and staring at the course of life, people and times, many regular guests, artists, lawyers and merchants, drank their favorite drinks here.

Countless tourists, passers-by and families, returning from the Cathedral, getting ready for a tour of Kalemegdan, or just by hurrying through the city have found rest and enjoyment here. In calm and quiet and in overwhelming commotion as well, "Snežana" persists in keeping traditions, gastronomy and hospitality. "Snežana" changes but still remains the same. Pizzeria, restaurant, pastry shop with a personal touch. Modern and traditional at the same time.

For decades, the first love meeting meant meeting exactly here. That's why, when someone says "See you at Snežana", they mean "See you in Belgrade".


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