Ice creams

After a long walk through the streets of Belgrade, or on a warm summer day, ice creams are a real treat.

Known for her cakes, Snezana has another surprise in store for you: every summer she offers you her homemade ice creams! Whether you wish for only one or two balls in a cone, or maybe you wish to take a break in the shadows of our gardens, you can choose from a great variety of flavors: chocolate, vanilla, chestnut, Malaga, stracciatella, forest fruits, melon…

The proof of the quality is the fact that our ice creams can be found in other cities in Serbia as well. If you ever find yourself on Vrnjacka Banja, Zlatibor, Srebrno jezero lake or any other place in the country, feel free to look us up, and along with the traditional meals have a special Snezana ice cream!

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